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Caratinga, MG - 1966

Lives and works in Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Paulo draws on a daily basis and his art is entirely linked to his own process of discovery and inquiry, which is, sometimes, obsessive. His work doesn’t reveal itself simply. It contains carefully articulated images that talk about isolation, incommunicability and an interior life.


His self portraits and “crypto-portraits”, as defined by curator Mauro Trindade, showcase his characters in a non-linear narrative, within timeless and restless universes.




"Paulo Vieira abandons the traditional conception of the self-portrait, as a social representation of public life (…). There is a planned detachment from realism, grandeur and sentimentality that distances him from a hasty figurative, in fact, from any figurative, just look at how his brushstrokes combine beyond a logic of background and figure." MAURO TRINDADE

[mixed media on paper | 32 x 24 cm]