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Goiânia, GO - 1978

Lives and works in Goiânia, GO


Márcio Medanha (aka Kboco) is a self-taught artist and started drawing in his childhood. Inspired by hip-hop culture and the streets of his hometown, Kboco has pushed the boundaries of art, creating compositions on an architectural, dynamic, and unique scale.

His work is a fusion of different times and places, showcasing chromatic and constructive elegance associated with graffiti culture. References to architecture, Moorish art, and African-origin religions further enrich his singular art, with over 25 years of production.

The pursuit of a Brazilian artistic language led the artist, still young, to live in Porto Alegre (RS), Olinda (PE), and São Paulo (SP), refining his urban interventions. In 2015, Kboco returns to Goiás, where he resides seeking new inspirations amidst the cerrado (Chapada dos Veadeiros), Cavalcante, and Brasília.

His portfolio includes exhibitions at the biennials of Valencia (ESP), Monterrey (MEX), and São Paulo; solo shows also in São Paulo, Curitiba, Goiânia, New York (USA), and Basel (SUI), in addition to over 20 group exhibitions throughout Brazil and the world.

Recently, the artist relocated to Goiânia, where he lives and works.



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