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New York, USA - 1980

Lives and works in Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Mateu Velasco graduated in Industrial Design at PUC-Rio in 2003 and has a Master’s degree in Graphic Design from the same university. He began working professionally as an illustrator in 1999. He expanded his performance by painting public murals in the early 2000’s, developing his own language as a visual artist,

Mateu’s art reveals a reality we don’t notice, activating our memory and sensibility through his critical and conceptual rhetoric. Filled with references of an urban routine, his works signify a pressing need to humanize the city. The artist’s work captures the spectator and transports him/her to a world of overlays and graphic cutouts, all whilst playing with elements of contemporaneity.

The result is an assemblage of fragments of memories that awaken our interest, affirming their ethereal nature.

Throughout this journey, he’s been collecting images from his daily life, transforming them into drawings, sketches, doodles and various graphics.

The junction of each fragment constitutes the guiding thread of his creative process, inviting the spectator to new possibilities of visual and poetic narratives.