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Curated by: Marcus de Lontra Costa
07|16|23 - 07|29|23

At the beginning of the creative process, every artist is a stranger to the landscape. Enchantment seduces and draws closer; research and method define the composition, structure the form and volumes, select the affective spaces that structure the artistic action. Thus, the work is born, the result of this curious symbiosis between passion and rationality. This is the primordial concept of the creative process of the artist duo Allan Souza Lima and Jota Andrade. At first glance, the viewer encounters the power of the photographic image. It reveals to us the arid ground, the precarious architecture, the discreet everyday; then delicate poetic interferences emerge, “fragments of a loving discourse”¹ that invite us to explore paths of discovery and enchantment.

The photographic action captures and freezes fleeting moments of the landscape. These photographs initiate a process of selection and editing of the images. Upon them, the artist duo incorporates light, cracks, and windows through which the work transcends the two-dimensional field and projects itself as a hybrid object, acting at the intersection of the real and the imaginary, the external and the intimate, the plane and the volume, the interior light that projects open skies and deep seas, “DeepSea”, as the duo of creators defines themselves.

In the face of this scenario, this landscape, and this constructed architecture, hermitages, lattices, doors and windows, ditches, skulls, everyday objects, compose the repertoire of a work that appropriates geographic factuality to produce beauty, mystery, and unrest. Time governs the spirit of the work’s construction. Thus, the geographic hinterland expands its horizons and reveals to us an intimate “being-in-the-world,” which resides in all of us, in the recesses of our human architecture, in the gesture and body that hovers over this landscape of absences.

The professional involvement of the two artists in the theater representation and scenography fields enhances the collaborative creation. It is essential to reveal the constructive process determined by the clarity of the photographic composition and the delicacy of luminous or pictorial interferences that create a pleasant sense of harmony and spatial integration. Here, everything operates in the direction of enchantment and mystery. Therefore, it is a work that incorporates various knowledge within the expectations of contemporary art and also asserts itself as an open work, with vast paths to be explored.


¹ Roland Barthes

Marcus de Lontra Costa

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