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Curated by: Marvin Rantex



In Past Times

Shadows followed

Living inside a cube

Seeing the view through squares

Thinking about how

Persist to continue ...

Bringing paintings to life

Materializing fragments of creations

That no longer fit in the head

The curved body

On duty to bear the burden

And the weight of the hull


Patience in accepting slowness

In captivity by choice

Melancholy and anguish

of the endangered tortoise

Arduous process in abdicating the comfort zone

Conditioning the Physical

Abandon beds and chairs

Reaching the summit of Spirit Mountain

Recondition the mind

Mysteries of the Spine

Fasting of Words.

Rare appearances

Preparation and courage

Inevitable Impact


They opened Pandora's box.

Everything becomes light.

Welcome to the new time

Here now and the whole.

Allow yourself to live your dreams,

Fly without wings.

No more walls

Seen beyond reach

Toucans, Turtles, Trees

Mermaids flowers.

The broad horizon and the answer

Leave the past for later

Time takes care


Infinite like blue



Accept life,

And let it die

What we no longer have

Undress all ego, pride and vanity.

Knot, body and soul


Admiring ourselves

Light points

Heavenly children

In the garden of Eden


Marvin Rantex


With 20 years of career and works recognized and respected worldwide, the São Paulo artist Herbert Baglione presents to Cariocas his first individual show in Rio entitled Rito.

Herbert Baglione, presents unpublished works that reflect his phase in transition. The artist who started in 1999 painting the famous shadows, considered a dark and heavy phase of his career, today presents nine canvases and ten photographs that carry the most conflicting emotions evidenced in the colors and features of his works, this time, much more colorful and full of light.

In the last three and a half years Baglione has done solo exhibitions in very special places that concentrate a lot of energy, such as Colombia and Mexico, and the artist for being raw, sensitive, looking for very profound answers, has seen things he prefers not to revisit in his work: anguish, the dark side, the side that provoked discussions related to religiosity, sex and violence in general. In the current process, the sensitivity is notorious and the artist focuses on bringing light and joy to his works, as if it were a cleaning process in more abstract and lighter works.

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