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Curated by: Catia Kanton

The most striking search on Graziella Pinto's journey is that of authenticity. And their watchword is unity. It is a certain realization that the world is round, that life circulates and that we are all together, after all. Because it was thinking and felt like this that his work took the round shape as a metonym. And balls, spheres, circles started to appear consistently in his paintings, collages, and in the interventions he makes in three-dimensional space.


Although the central theme has survived over the years, in this recent phase Graziella allows for an even more personal discourse. The pink canvas, the seeds that marked childhood, the balls made in clusters, everything here comes close to an affective diary and a tribute to memory. In this way, the nature of the title assumes the density that is due to it: if on the one hand it evokes the plants, buds and fruits portrayed in the works, on the other hand, they reveal the artist's own condition of surrendering to intimate aesthetic choices.


As she explains herself, pink brings with it a desire for loveliness and also alludes to the earth, the uterine organ and the careful feminine. This background color receives fruits, plants and seeds. The relationship here is established in the symbolic transformation of the two-dimensional canvas into a pinkish energy field that welcomes and prepares these seeds for fertility and growth.


It is not for nothing that bananas, cherries, pods appear in clusters. Again the allusion to the collective, to the life that pulsates and coexists arises. The mention that we are all together.


It remains to be said that the choice of the plants depicted is not random. Graziella paints what her heart sees, in the memories of long seasons spent with her family on the beach. Each of the species gains acceptance in pink and is fueled by a desire for personal transformation, based on simplicity. Sculptural forms also follow this path. They are bunches of balls braided and constructed manually, in a time that is related to the sprouting of a seed. This is the nature of what the artist's path proposes.


Catia Kanton

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