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Text: Letícia Cardoso
March 7th, 2024 - April 6th, 2024


by Leticia Cardoso

“To be able to be an artist, it is necessary to dominate, control and transform experience into memory,

memory into expression, matter into form.”

Ernst Fischer

This entire process is dominated by Bruno Miguel. In his first exhibition at Galeria Movimento Bruno brings his House to the Gallery. Home Sweet Home is a slice of the artist's domestic universe.

Collector of objects and memories, Bruno brings these collections, poetically, into his work. From European Tapestries we have interventions in paint, rewriting the history of our Brazil, our House. From the glass objects from The crystal cabinet that permeate our daily use, to the porcelain pieces from the series These people in the dining room, everything lives inside the House, even The void that consumes us, a series in which the artist uses packaging empty plastic bags from products consumed at home. Here the artist reflects on the limits of painting. Bruno always carries the memory in his language. And this exhibition would be no different. The artist's relationship with the commitment to tell a story through pictorial thinking reveals our history to us.

Bruno dives deep into research, uses banal everyday life and transforms it into Art. From his studio, an extension of his home, or rather his House, he transforms your concerns. He creates in his work an idea of ​​“supra nature”, he manages through his work to give rise to a new type of reality, a reality that is at the same time sensorial and supra sensorial.

When man discovered that objects found in nature could be transformed into instruments, which could act and alter the external world, he also discovered that the idea of ​​the impossible could be broken through magical instruments. The magic that created everything at some point lost its space and was divided into three: Science, Religion and Art. When we see the subjects addressed by Bruno in the series presented in the exhibition we see a portion of all sides of Magic, from reason to emotion, from the sacred to the profane, from the exceptional to the everyday, from the unusual to the banal. Through his production, his research method, and his experiences, he manages to rescue the feeling of union between the individual and the whole. It allows the viewer to absorb someone else's experience and take control of it to achieve the dreamed-of fulfillment.

Bruno reminds me of the origins of Art. He manages a difficult movement which is to search the surface of a river to find its source. In his work he delves into the surface and reveals to us the source of Art: Magic.

In the early days of art, its function was undoubtedly to confer power. A major example of this is in Rock Art. That prehistoric man, when drawing his hunt, believed that it would happen just like the drawing, that that artistic production gave him the power to make it real. This power was given to us as a magical instrument, a weapon of the human collective in the fight for survival. Bruno manages to restore the magical character that always belonged to Art.

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