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Curated by: Deborah Moreira

"And the time will come to see that we are all one
And life flows within you and without you."

George Harrison, Within You Without You

In recent years, Graziella Pinto has dedicated herself to the production of paintings, drawings, three-dimensional and video works that make up the bios: life exhibition, in which she introduces us to her organic geometry permeated by nature. Not as if geometry and nature were distant or opposite - nature, so dear to the artist, employs geometry in a masterful way. And, from the macro to the micro, from the celestial dome to the smallest atoms, nature repeats the most stable and symmetrical of the forms: the sphere. In addition to her, chains and links, interlacing and fractals appear in Graziella's work, other symbols of the compulsive infinity of the cycles that shape her own life, organized in “biomes” or groups of particular lives conceived by the artist for each of her works.


In the works gathered in bios: vida, Graziella seeks a formal synthesis of recurring elements in his poetics. The birds, sometimes so faithfully portrayed, are insinuated by meticulous feathers painted on canvas or wooden balls, these protected by structures entangled in copper, opportunely called “nests”. White spheres simulated in the painting gain different symbolic charges according to the artist's desire: they appear at times light, frivolous and ephemeral like soap bubbles, at times dense and firm as made of stone or solid wood. In the middle of these stays, they are the present life, suggested as an armadillo or as an egg that secretes a new existence. Art is often understood as a mirror that reflects the artist's spirit and mood. If it is true, this statement clarifies the representation of shelters such as nests, eggs, the shell of the armadillo or the shells that protect the seeds from the fruits when Graziella, pregnant, awaits the arrival of her second child.


A tradition of still life, a genre referenced in these works, warned us about our human condition. Among the allegories chosen to symbolize the fleetingness of life, there were iridescent soap bubbles. It is true, we are fragile and brief. However, we shine. In Graziella Pinto's work, the bubble refers to the moment vivere : as opposed to the reminder of the departure, its living nature is the celebration of the passage.


Bios: vida also has the video "Duas balls" (2014), in which a white sphere is launched into the sea in two moments - in the morning and at night. The ball floats and moves with the waves. Formally, it becomes painting in motion, an experience about the mass and solidity of this object, about lighting, depth and vanishing point. On the other hand, it can be interpreted as the observation of its material vestige on nature, the undeniable record of its presence - although small, its action attests to the world "I was also here".


Deborah Moreira

Researcher, writer and critic.

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