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São Paulo, SP - 1973

Lives and works in São Paulo, SP

Tinho began his career in the 80’s integrating a generation of artists with consciousness to take on urban art production as a poetic strategy of recognition, not only of their own city but as their language, powerful and comparable to the traditional ones of art history. His production, representing major importance to the contemporary Brazilian scene, proves itself, along with other talents of the time, a pioneer.


The artist, like many of his generation, start with graffiti, using the city as its host. Later on he moves to painting, the foundation of his academic education, with more emphasis, followed by photography and installations that feature as protagonists the characters that accompany him since the beginning. His work is contextualised by one's place in an urban area. It is permeated with the constant acidic and citric atmosphere of characters that hide, under their neutral aesthetic, persistent loneliness.




In this series the focus is on personal identification and how each individual chooses to be represented through their clothing. The paintings invite the observer to reflect on the freedom of choice and authenticity in the way we present ourselves to the world. They remind us that our clothes are a powerful form of communication and self expression, allowing each person to identify themselves in the way that feels most comfortable and authentic. It is an invitation to celebrate diversity and respect the individual choices of each person in constructing their visual identity.